SENCHA (Finest Grade ‘Birds Afloat’) (25 g)


Sencha sharpens the mind, to help you take on the demands of a busy lifestyle.


Sencha is the most popular form of tea in Japan, and for good reason. With short brewing times, sencha is a surefire tonic to sharpen the mind and help you take on the demands of a busy lifestyle. In terms of taste, the best sencha is a happy marriage of bitterness and sweetness.

During production, the leaves are steamed (not fried, like Chinese green tea), dried and rolled. This last step releases the tea’s essential oils, bringing out its full flavour.

This premium Sencha differs from most in one important respect: it’s shade-grown in the Uji Valley. Shade-growing produces a more lustrous green leaf than full sunlight, and a more intense flavour in your cup.

Place of Origin

Uji Valley, Kyoto, Japan


Spring 2015


Dry storage at all times (comes in a zip-lock, heat-sealed bag. BPA-free)

Brewing & Enjoying

No washing of the leaves is required. Using 4 to 5 grams per serve, steep at 85 degrees Celsius for 30 to 45 seconds. Any longer and the decoction will become overly bitter. This tea yields up to 3 brews.

by Misbah on JX Organic Oolong
Oolong love you long time

This tea is perfect for vegans or those that crave a creamy warm texture to their teas. It's a perfect middle path for me because I generally don't enjoy green teas. It's like a perfect marriage between a green tea and a black tea. The flavours seem to intensify on a second or third infusion of the tea leaves.

We're very glad you enjoy the Jinxuan oolong, Misbah.

Raw Aged Pu'er Cake 10+ years of age

I recently bought this via special order.The earthy aroma and complexity of flavour is something I've never tasted before in a tea.Just magnificent.

It is indeed a wonderful tea. Thanks for the glowing review Konrad!

Finest Sencha

This sencha is fabulous. Such intensity and purity of flavour.One of the best I've tried


MATCHA (Unkaku: ‘Crane in the Clouds’)

Tried this today at the Melbourne (first) Tea Festival and it was amazing! Smooth, sweet and natural with all its goodness. It was just mesmerizing watching the green tea master perform the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Returned multiple times for more! Definitely how green tea should be known to the general public. Thank you for the awesome experience!

Thank you for the feedback! We're looking forward to sharing this amazing tea again in the near future.

by Konrad Markham on NA XIN Raw Bingdao Pu'er
The Bordeaux of teas

This tea has a fabulous earthiness and funkiness. But really it's like a wine that needs to be cellared for a few years. Good Puer aged for a few years is tea like no other. The roasted earthy notes will intensify and soften over time.

The Bordeaux of teas...Love that description

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