Hagi ware tea set
Hagi Ware Tea SetHagi Ware Tea SetHagi Ware Tea Set

7-Piece Hagi Ware TEA SET by Sakakura Shinbei XIV


A special tea set from one of Japan’s most respected potters 

Product Description

Hagi-yaki (Hagi ware) is a living, breathing tradition from Yamaguchi, southwest Japan.

Hagi ware goes back to the early 17th century, when expert Korean potters were brought to Japan at the behest of a feudal lord. 

Sakakura Shinbei XIV (1917-1975), the legendary creator of this Hagi ware tea set, was a 14th generation potter and descendant of one of the founders of Hagi pottery.

Recognizing Sakakura Shinbei XIV’s place in the tradition, Yamaguchi prefecture honoured him as an important “human cultural treasure” in 1972.

It’s not every day that a Hagi ware tea set of this calibre becomes available. 

What This Hagi Ware Tea Set Includes

You’ll get a brewing/serving pot with built-in strainer and 6 individual tea cups. Each piece is a beautiful expression of the studied simplicity that is characteristic of Hagi ware. 

This wonderful tea set is finished in a grey glaze with pink blush throughout. It is perfect for brewing a range of Japanese teas, especially large servings of genmaicha and hojicha



Additional Information


Brewing/serving pot (1) with built-in strainer, cups (6)


Glazed stoneware


1.76 kg (including box and padding) (3.88 lbs approx.)


Nagato, Yamaguchi prefecture, JAPAN

Caring for Your Hagi Ware

Wash and dry thoroughly after use