Jade Mountain organic oolong tea



A crisp and refreshing organic high-mountain tea from Taiwan


Product Description

This superb organic oolong tea from Taiwan is one of our new signature offerings.

Why Jade Mountain? Because the water for the tea bushes comes from nearby Yu Shan, Taiwan’s highest peak. And Yu Shan means “Jade Mountain.”

This is a medium-oxidised oolong with a punchy floral aroma and a crisp mouth feel. In other words, it’s one refreshing and uplifting tea!

It’s also great to know that this tea contains no pesticides or herbicides. All you’re getting is nature’s elements. Plus of course, the combined skill and dedication of the growers.

Brewing & Enjoying Jade Mountain Organic Oolong

First, brew at around 85-90 degrees Celsius for 1 to 1.5 minutes. 4 grams per 200 ml of water is ideal. Using a glass teapot such as the Piao I Portable Teapot you can also watch the pellets unfurl before your eyes.

The next steeping can be shorter (about 45 seconds). Then later, the last steeping can be lengthened to extract as much of the remaining flavour as possible.

You could keep infusing after that, but we’ve found that the flavour is consistently excellent for the first 3 infusions. Then it starts to taper off.

And last but not least. Filtered water is also terrific for this organic oolong tea. It definitely enhances the flavour.

Did you know?

Lower temperatures, less sunlight and dense cloud cover in Taiwan’s mountains offer perfect conditions for organic oolong tea cultivation. The leaves for Jade Mountain Organic Oolong are hand-picked in these conditions at 1,500 metres above sea level.

Finest Sencha

This sencha is fabulous. Such intensity and purity of flavour.One of the best I've tried


MATCHA (Unkaku: ‘Crane in the Clouds’)

Tried this today at the Melbourne (first) Tea Festival and it was amazing! Smooth, sweet and natural with all its goodness. It was just mesmerizing watching the green tea master perform the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Returned multiple times for more! Definitely how green tea should be known to the general public. Thank you for the awesome experience!

Thank you for the feedback! We're looking forward to sharing this amazing tea again in the near future.

by Konrad Markham on Blank Product Name
The Bordeaux of teas

This tea has a fabulous earthiness and funkiness. But really it's like a wine that needs to be cellared for a few years. Good Puer aged for a few years is tea like no other. The roasted earthy notes will intensify and soften over time.

The Bordeaux of teas...Love that description

by Konrad Markham on Whole Leaf YUNNAN BLACK TEA
Naturally malty and creamy black tea

As someone who doesn't normally drink black tea, this tea would convert me.Naturally malty and even creamy, something I haven't tasted before in a black tea.Fantastic flavour and would match brilliantly with milk and as a base for a chai tea.

A really unique Japanese green tea blend

As someone who loves the intense flavour of straight matcha and traditional genmaicha, I thought this blend was a bit odd just from reading the description.But after trying it wow. You get the traditional genmaicha flavour but the added dusting of matcha dials up the flavour intensity without overpowering it. Great for those whom matcha is a bit too overpowering and want something more for everyday drinking.

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Additional Information


Xinyi village, Nantou county, TAIWAN


Spring 2016

Bag Sizes

50 g, 100 g

Brewing Guide

4 g, 200 ml, 85-90⁰, 45-90 sec., 3 infusions


Dry storage at all times (comes in a heat-sealed zip-lock bag. BPA-free)