Hobin gyokuro pot
Hobin teapot (Kutani ware)Kutani ware Hobin style potHobin teapot

Kutani Ware TEAPOT for Gyokuro


Not just a teapot, but a fine piece of art dating from the 1960s

Product Description

This is an authentic hobin Kutani ware teapot without a handle. As such, it is most suitable for brewing tea that requires lower temperatures. Most often, that tea is gyokuro.

When gyokuro tea is brewed at 70 degrees Celsius (or less), the pot should not scold when it is picked up.

The teapot originates in Ishikawa prefecture on Japan’s western coast. The item dates from sometime in the 1960s. While it has acquired the patina of age, it remains in faultless condition. 

This unique Kutani ware teapot will suit an avid collector as well as tea drinker.

Additional Information


Glazed, hand-painted porcelain


Ishikawa prefecture, JAPAN