BIG SNOWY MOUNTAIN 2005 Ripe Pu’er (20 g & 357 g)


A full-bodied tea that reveals new flavours with each steeping



The Big Snow Mountain Ripe Pu’er is a fine example of post-fermented tea. In the world of Pu’er, this is the process of simulated ageing.

This process gives the tea its vintage-like characteristics (mellow and smooth taste, dark leaves). It also has distinct aromas of wet soil and mushrooms and a berry-like aroma. Later steepings reveal subtle honey flavours.

The wrapper is not date-stamped. China’s food and beverage regulators did not require date-stamping of Pu’er cakes until late 2005-early 2006.

Brewing & Enjoying BIG SNOWY MOUNTAIN 2005 Ripe Pu’er

Pu’er tea has long been recognized in China as a digestive aid, and may also assist in the reduction of cholesterol levels.

To brew, chip off three or four grams from this ripe Pu’er cake (read about that here). Add more leaves for a stronger brew.

Brew at boiling point with filtered water. Discard the first wash. Drain the leaves and retain. Allow the tea’s full flavours to develop from the second steeping onwards.

The same leaves of this ripe Pu’er can be infused and enjoyed 10 or more times. If it becomes too ‘medicinal,’ remove some of the leaves and re-steep. The water should be drained off completely after each pour.

by Misbah on JX Organic Oolong
Oolong love you long time

This tea is perfect for vegans or those that crave a creamy warm texture to their teas. It's a perfect middle path for me because I generally don't enjoy green teas. It's like a perfect marriage between a green tea and a black tea. The flavours seem to intensify on a second or third infusion of the tea leaves.

We're very glad you enjoy the Jinxuan oolong, Misbah.

Raw Aged Pu'er Cake 10+ years of age

I recently bought this via special order.The earthy aroma and complexity of flavour is something I've never tasted before in a tea.Just magnificent.

It is indeed a wonderful tea. Thanks for the glowing review Konrad!

Finest Sencha

This sencha is fabulous. Such intensity and purity of flavour.One of the best I've tried


MATCHA (Unkaku: ‘Crane in the Clouds’)

Tried this today at the Melbourne (first) Tea Festival and it was amazing! Smooth, sweet and natural with all its goodness. It was just mesmerizing watching the green tea master perform the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Returned multiple times for more! Definitely how green tea should be known to the general public. Thank you for the awesome experience!

Thank you for the feedback! We're looking forward to sharing this amazing tea again in the near future.

by Konrad Markham on NA XIN Raw Bingdao Pu'er
The Bordeaux of teas

This tea has a fabulous earthiness and funkiness. But really it's like a wine that needs to be cellared for a few years. Good Puer aged for a few years is tea like no other. The roasted earthy notes will intensify and soften over time.

The Bordeaux of teas...Love that description

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Additional information


Ripe (Post-fermented)


Spring 2005


Mengku township, Lincang, southwest Yunnan province, CHINA


357 g cake, 20 g pack


Dry, odourless and well ventilated, away from direct sunlight

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